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1. Layout

2. Title and axis

3. Size parameters

4. Type of measure used


1. Error messages.


2. Problematic rows in your dataset.

1. Number of studies

2. Number of participants

3. Number of cases

4. P-value of the random-effects meta-analysis

5. Heterogeneity (I²)

6. Imprecision (power of the meta-analysis)

7. Percentage of individuals in studies at low risk of bias

8. Methodological quality of the meta-analysis (AMSTAR score)

9. P-value of the Egger's test for small-study effects

10. P-value of the test for excess of significance bias

11. Largest p-value in the Jackknife meta-analysis.

12. 95% prediction interval

13. 95% confidence interval of the largest study